3 stylish handbags for the vintage lover

The vintage style is a new style in recent years, but it creates a quite strong wave and has not decreased the hotness yet. The girls of banh beo or personality can choose to pursue this style without losing their personality. Choosing the right handbag for this style is relatively easy.

Material bags in vintage style

Vintage or country style towards simplicity and lightness. The combination of country-related accessories is of top priority, so that a handbag to have a vintage flavor can use some rustic materials such as burlap, bamboo, rattan, … Of course. Models and products made need to be fashionable and made to be applicable.

This style handbag is aimed at special materials and therefore needs to be handmade, it will be beautiful and have its own personality, but the price is not very cheap.

Template for vintage style handbags and leather material
Template for vintage style handbags and leather material

Retro designs and designs

In addition to the material mentioned above, the vintage style is also reflected in the design and color of the handbag. With vintage handbags will show the classic, the buckle often follows classic patterns, intricate details and subtle patterns instead of convenient and simple keylock patterns of current bag models. In terms of the form of the handbag is the boxy form of most antique handbags from the previous decades. However, this style does not bring back the old country but is stylized to still show the modernity and personality of trendy girls. In terms of leather material, there is a variety of materials and can be produced in a large variety of colors, so the price of these products is not high difference compared to other products of the same style.

Vintage handbag with style and color
Vintage handbag with style and color

The colors that show the vintage style are quite diverse, but often the tones are low, light colors depending on the taste and personality. With low-tone handbags such as brown leather and black leather, aristocrats and dusty personalities are more popular. With bags with pastel colors of pink, blue, yellow, … suitable for the gentle style, ladies and girls with gentle personality. The variety of colors also makes it easier for her to choose to coordinate outfits, transforming her style and personality into more interesting and diverse and new.

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