5 tips for choosing standard wedding jewelry that does not need to be adjusted for the bride

Do not abuse jewelry

The first thing that any woman should remember when wearing jewelry is: Don’t go too far. You will not be attractive at all if you wear too much jewelry. Too many accessories risk overwhelming your natural beauty. “Moderate and moderate” is the golden mantra in all cases. A little jewelry appearing at the right time will help the bride look much more beautiful and splendid.

Do not abuse jewelry
Do not abuse jewelry

Choose a material that matches the color of the wedding dress

Can’t decide whether to choose silver, gold or platinum? Take a look at the colors of my wedding dress for the right choice!

– If your wedding dress is white, choose silver or platinum jewelry for a sparkling, sparkling effect;

– If your wedding dress is ivory-white, gold jewelry will increase the elegance and nobility;

– If your wedding dress is champagne, gold jewelry adds warmth to this beige tone. Meanwhile, silver jewelry studded with gems also creates a fancy classic impression.

– If your wedding dress is a blush, try rose gold jewelry for an overall soft, tender, feminine look.

Choose a material that matches the color of the wedding dress

Pay attention to choose the right necklace with the collar design

Thiết kế cổ áo cũng là yếu tố bạn không thể bỏ qua khi chọn trang sức cưới, nhất là dây chuyền.

– Áo cúp ngực hoặc áo cổ tim: vòng choker hay vòng cổ ngắn sẽ làm chiếc cổ của bạn trông cao và thanh mảnh hơn.

– Áo cổ chữ V: vòng choker hay dây chuyền với mặt dây đẹp mắt đều là lựa chọn lý tưởng. Ngoài ra, cô dâu có thể chọn đeo thêm hoa tai nhỏ để tạo vẻ đẹp sang trọng hơn.

– Áo hai dây hay áo yếm: Với thiết kế này, hãy tập trung vào phụ kiện tóc với chân lược, dây trang trí. Màn che mặt kiểu tổ chim cũng rất đẹp mắt. Trang sức nên sử dụng là vòng tay hoặc nhẫn thôi nhé!

right necklace with the collar design
right necklace with the collar design

Don’t overload

Choosing accompanying wedding jewelry can seem more difficult than choosing a wedding gown. Focus your attention on designs that make you feel in love. If in doubt, safe options like simple pearls or diamonds are always easy to combine with a variety of wedding gowns as well as wedding styles. Just make sure you don’t choose boring jewelry.

Don't overload

Be yourself

The most important thing when choosing jewelry to wear with wedding gowns is that they must reflect who you are and your personality. If you feel uncomfortable wearing large earrings, go back to her usual dusty studs style. When you are satisfied with your choice, it is the best choice.


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