How cheap are the Jordan 1 Off White shoes?

“Crazy” is a visible expression of many “heads” from professionals to amateurs, when seeing the cult collaboration of “giant” Nike and Off White, the Jordan 1 Off sneakers. White. Chicago color scheme has “swept” through many shoe charts and continuously set a resell price record. Along decoding this dream of thousands of dollars has a “critical” attraction that everyone wants to own.

Should I buy the Jordan 1 Off White pair?

As one of the leading brands in the current hypebeast trend, the products launched by Off White show an unmistakable unique personality. Simply with a belt of the company can also turn ordinary street style outfits into outstanding “cool qualities.” That’s why when Nike and Off White announced they would collab to bring out the Nike Jordan 1 x Off White – the first of the 10 co-designed models, a lot of shoe hunters fidgeted.


The original Jordan 1 version was a “legend” by the father of Jordan – the American basketball monument, put a lot of effort into the design, neat, meticulous lines but no less prominent, leaving a deep impression in the heart of the shoe lover.

But the Jordan 1 Off White by Virgil Abloh’s hand-crafted, has a different direction, dusty, has many incomplete details and especially “very Off White” with “redefined” details. “Is often found on its products. The overall look is bold, dusty and very different, 100% eye-catching with excellent color schemes from outsole to upper.

With the “quite acrid” price tag of up to thousands of dollars for a pair of shoes, the two names leading the popular fashion trend, once again elevate their influence to new heights.

Jordan 1 Off White shoe review details

Basically, a “non-sneaker” will only see the only difference between the two old versions – a new plastic drawstring through the shoe hole. However, a closer look you will immediately see the “cool” of the Air Jordan 1 x Off White pair than the text printed on the shoe’s components.


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