Women’s necklace collection for year-end parties

Winter is also a time with many parties and celebrations. Vang Manh Hung would like to introduce to you the women’s necklace collection to help our girls shine in year-end parties.

Sun flower necklace – Luxury and class

The golden flower pendant of the sun flower is one of the impressive designs of Manh Hung gold. Inspired by the pure and noble beauty of a woman.
The flower pattern with a stone that shines like a sun flower makes the girls really stand out and attractive in the party.

Sun flower necklace - Luxury and class
Sun flower necklace – Luxury and class

Flower necklace wall vi – Pure beauty

The beauty comes from fragility and purity like a beautiful flower in the early sun.
Any girl will be fascinated by the fussy, meticulous in the detailed words that the jeweler has blown his soul into the work.
Combined with a light, elegant dress our girl will surely attract all eyes.

Flower chain wall vi
Flower chain wall vi

Women’s Chanel necklaces – Fashion and style

18K gold Chanel necklace will be an indispensable accessory for women in parties and year-end festivals because of their personality and fashion.
Unique, sophisticated and fashionable design helps the girls become more confident and seductive in the eyes of men.

Women's Chanel necklaces
Women’s Chanel necklaces

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